On My Needles - Week of 12/10

Holiday 2017 - Long Dog Yarn
This week my needles are busy click-clacking away in an attempt to finish a sweater before Christmas. Just over a week ago, I convinced myself it was totally plausible for me to finish a Christmas sweater using the special edition Holiday 2017 yarn I originally dyed for my collaboration with Sue at k2tog bags. I have such a crush on this colorway. Obviously that love went to my head and made me lose all reasoning when I decided to take on this crazy endeavor. 
Hold Sway sweater - Long Dog Yarn Progress keepers by Truffle's Shuffle
(Progress keepers pictured above from Truffle's Shuffle.)
After some initial indecision on the actual sweater pattern I wanted to use, I stumbled upon a test knit for the Hold Sway sweater by the talented Raelean Finch of No Law Knits (follow her on Instagram @nolaw_knits) . It was a sign, a sign, I say, that gave me that final push to actually dive into this challenge. I figured the imposed deadline of the test knit would really help to keep my butt in gear and actually finish in time. And the sweater was exactly what I was looking - I just didn't know it yet. The design features an interesting, geometrically-shaped hem, flattering a-line shaping, and slipped stitch details that perfectly highlight hand-dyed yarns. With just over a third of the body finished, I have t-minus 13 days to get this knit wrapped up. Send me some fast knitting mojo because me actually getting this done in time may just be a minor Christmas miracle... 

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  • Fernanda

    You can do it!!!! The nights have 8 hours per day!!!! Jajajajaja

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