Project Feature - 12/19/17

Every once in awhile, I can't help myself, and I browse through Instagram and Ravelry for projects made using Long Dog Yarn. It is so inspiring to see something I've created used to make something completely new and wonderful. I've pulled a few projects that caught my eye this round to highlight some of the beautiful work of Long Dog Yarn supporters. 
Photo courtesy of Alecdoe
Elena (Ravelry user Alecdoe) used LDY Single to knit up a Pavement sweater (designed by Veera Välimäki). By utilizing four colorways, Bermuda Shorts, Through the Looking Glass, Overboard, and Cassata, she was able to put her own spin on the pattern and create a beautiful blue-to-green fade. With fade fever still in full swing in the knitting world, I find it so fun to see the color combinations people put together and how they apply it to different patterns that never were intended to have a fade. It's such a fun way to use up those special single skeins you may have stashed away. 
Photo courtesy of Silverwillow
The wonderful Wendy (Ravelry user Silverwillow) made a pair of the classic Hermione's Everyday Socks (design by Erica Leuder) using a couple skeins of LDY Sock. This pair of socks caught my eye because of the amazing color combination she chose. Some of my favorite projects to find are those that pair up colorways I would never have dream of putting together, just like this combo of Frou Frou Drink and Dark Dimension. While I wouldn't have chosen this duo myself, now that I see them together I can't help up fall head over heel(flap) for it. 
Photo courtesy of w129smc
Speaking of socks and of fades, Stephanie (Ravelry user w129smc) put her fading skills to use to knit a pair of the How I Roll socks (design by Mara Catherine Bryner) using LDY Bounce Sock along with some Bay Street Yarns. Using the colorways for February and August, I love these bright and bold peachy socks. And I specially love how they are a fraternal pair and not exact matches. 
A big thank you to these lovely ladies for letting me feature your work on the blog. If you've got a project using LDY, I'd love to see it! Send it my way by adding a photo to Ravelry or Instagram (tag #longdogyarn). 

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