brandyWelcome! I'm Brandy, the yarn enthusiast and self proclaimed "color chemist" behind the scenes here at Long Dog Yarn.

Long Dog Yarn originally began as a new way for me to express my growing adoration for the fiber arts and yarn. I was working on finishing my PhD thesis in animal physiology at the University of Toronto and turned to dyeing in my teeny apartment kitchen as a way to channel the anxiety of the graduate school experience and express myself through color. After finishing my PhD, my passion for dyeing quickly took over my days and Long Dog Yarn was officially born in the spring of 2016. 


Why Long Dog Yarn? Simply, my love for dachshunds! One night I had a dream about a yarn label where the long body of the dachshund wrapped all the way around the label, and once I had the logo, the name Long Dog Yarn just fell into place. 

I grew up with dachshunds as my family pets and currently have one of my own. Rufus, my wire-haired dachshund, is the official mascot of the business, keeping me company as I spend my days dyeing (and often managing to put his behind right in the middle of my photoshoots)

Thank you for your support! Each skein you purchase from Long Dog Yarn is prepped, dyed, skeined, packaged, and shipped with great passion and care by me from my home studio in Los Angeles, California. Each day I get to dye yarn and share my passion with the amazing community of fiber artists is a great day and I hope you'll love each and every skein!